Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kid's Bedrooms, Raising Healthy Eaters and Chickens are This Week's Links from Around the Web

Swinging at the Park #100DaysofSummer2015

Awesome Idea for a Kid's Bedroom This is so sweet!

Raising Healthy Eaters I struggle with this all the time but I think we are doing pretty good over here. My kids eat most foods though mac and cheese is a true love. They eat at least one fruit and/or vegetable a day. In fact, they refused cookies at a gathering earlier this week and went for the strawberries. So I think we are doing ok but it doesn't mean that I don't need reminders because I do.

Homeowner's Checklist - This is a great list to up on home repair/upkeep. I feel like when you own a house, there is so much to keeping it up and a checklist gives me a good reminder.

Chickens in the City - Confession! I think I want chickens. Scott doesn't but I think I do. Would I be crazy to get some?

My cooking mojo is back! I made this Cool Ranch Chicken last night and it blew us away. It's going into the menu rotation.
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