Monday, August 24, 2015

Nineteen & Twenty Months with Mag-Pie


Dear Maggie,

We've had the Summer of FUN which is really the only excuse I have for missing your 19 month letter. The last two months have been jammed pack with travel, swim, excitement and most importantly, fun! We headed back down to the Oregon Coast for Great Grandma Helen's funeral in July and back to Suncadia in August. In between that, we swam and swam. You progressed so much over the summer with your swimming. You believe you can swim on your own but I know you can when you are wearing the safety of a puddle jumper.


You are full of opinions, little one and you have no difficulty letting them be known. You are a passionate little person. We had your speech re-tested and you don't have a speech delay as of right now. You are right on track. We are still working to encourage you in the speech department though because you do like to just grunt and pull us in the direction you want us to go rather than using words. 

Good Summer Morning! #100DaysofSummer2015

You and your sister are now playing together and tend to get along pretty well. Having said that there is still so much bickering between the two of you. I think sometimes you guys do things just to upset the other one. I know it drives me batty! 


You took a gymnastics class with me this summer which you both loved and hated. You love jumping on the trampoline and hanging from the rings but you hate waiting to do the obstacle course and following directions. We're going to take a break from it this Fall as I just don't think the timing is right for you. We'll try again later. Until then we'll be checking out the open gym so you can jump, jump, jump and hang, hang, hang all you want. 

Maggie and I are taking a Parent/Tot gymnastics class and this kid is insane for it!

We went to many parades this summer and took the bus a ton of places. You and your sister LOVE riding the bus. It's an easy adventure for me to grant so I'm all for taking the two of you on the bus.



You started really climbing on things and being in general very naughty about it. You like to shriek at me when I tell you not to climb onto the dining room table or the back of the couch. So that's fun. 


You walk almost everywhere now. I rarely use the stroller any more. We have been using the Beco Gemini a bit more as you like being worn on my back. I'm great with that because it is less to deal with. 


You start co-op in a few short weeks and I'm excited about your next adventure. You are going to love finally being able to go to school. You were so sad that you couldn't go with Molly last year but now you'll get to go with your friend, Noah! The two of you have so much fun together and I'm quite pleased that you have a little friend. Soon you'll have more! 

Happiest Swimmer on the Block #100DaysofSummer2015

Keep your Summer attitude going! We love you so much, Maggle-Rock! 
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