Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Suncadia Revisited!

Our last day @suncadia was spent swimming until the kids collapsed! #100DaysofSummer2015

This past week, the girls and I were lucky enough to tag along with Scott on a work retreat to Suncadia. We've visited over Memorial Day weekend and when Scott said he was going to return for work, we leapt at the chance to join him. On the way over, I did get a bit worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Scott was in meetings all day and often late into the night which meant I was in charge of the kids in a strange place 24/7. This was so not a problem. In fact, it was easier than being at home.


The week before we left, I carefully packed and planned out our meals. I brought most of our food with us since our room had a small kitchenette with a little stove, mini fridge and microwave. The only thing missing was a freezer. Planning and packing our food was a savior for me and left me more time to play with the kids. Suncadia has three pools - one at the Lodge and two at the Swim Center. We ended up swimming at the Lodge pool most of the time as Molly said that was her favorite. I think she liked the small setting and I loved the view of the Cle Elum river.


I also signed the kids up for some Tot Time at Campcadia. As luck would have it, it was the one day where everyone fell asleep during nap time. After some internal debate, I decided to wake them up so they could enjoy their Wee Picasso painting time. I think they were happy that I did. They created some very messy masterpieces. 


We had the best time at Suncadia. It was a nice way to start winding down the Summer. We've had such a hot and awesome Summer but there is a part of me wishing for the crispness of Fall and the comfort of routine. I know I'll feel differently when I'm trapped inside with the girls due to rain (or heck outside in the cold rain with the girls because nothing keeps them inside) but for now I'm dreaming of hot coffee, cozy knitting and crisp Fall days. 


When it starts raining again, I'm going to hold on to the memories of my water babies playing at Suncadia. 

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