Saturday, January 30, 2016

Whole30 Week 4 Update (+barre3 Challenge)


Today is my final day of Whole30 and I'm so excited! I can say that I did this. I will admit right here to having a real latte a day or two ago. It was so good. I was in yet another coffee shop and the idea of having black coffee or an almond milk latte literally turned my stomach. Before I knew it, I had a short latte in my hands and happiness on my lips. So maybe I didn't do it 100% perfectly but I'm counting it as done. 


This was the perfect reset for me. I curbed my sugar cravings. I returned to food prep. I learned that I comfort myself with food way too often. I lost just over 9 pounds and gained so much energy. I'm planning to taper to an 80% Whole30 20% Non-Whole30 plan as I reintroduce foods. I need to lose more weight and I love my energy levels but I can't eat Whole30 100% of the time. It is just too restrictive for me. 

It was busy day and I was still tired from being out late last night watching Weezer, so I skipped my barre3 studio class. But I got my #barre3challenge 10 min workout in while the kids were playing in the tub. #winning

As for the barre3 challenge, it was great! Tomorrow is the last day and while this week has been a bust for workouts, it did help me get myself back on the exercise train. I was sick this week which made getting to 6 a.m. barre3 classes a struggle. My goal this year is to exercise 4 times a week (minimum). Some weeks (like this one), I am not going to do that but I think if I try for it most weeks, I'll do great. I love exercising and I plan to join ClassPass again soon to try out some new options. I'm also hitting up CorePower Yoga, Orange Theory and another studio for their free weeks soon. I want to mix up my workouts to keep them fresh while still continuing on with barre3. 

And with that, two goals have been crossed off my 2016 Goals
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