Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Treating Yourself, Pet Photos and Hikes Are This Week's Links From Around The Web


Treat Yo' Self (without food or spending $$) I love these ideas! Because we all need to treat ourselves but we don't need special food treats or to spend gobs of money.

Relearning the Art of Eating This is hard.

Talking With Young Children About Their Bodies I'm constantly talking to my girls about their bodies and while there have been some embarrassing moments (queue the "I HAVE A VAGINA" yell in the grocery store image here), I am quite proud of teaching my kids that their bodies are their bodies. I really want them to have a good, healthy relationship with their bodies and to know what parts are private and just for them.

Celebrating Your Pet's Life With Photos My brother and his wife had photos taken of their dog shortly before he passed. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a good dog.

10 PNW Hikes To Do With Your Girlfriend's This Summer I love hiking and I can not wait to get out there more. The rains have been lessening and so I can feel the call of the wild. I hope to get in a few hikes with friends this summer and the kids.

Bang Out a Sweater Even though this sweater would look terrible on me and I have so many other knitting projects to finish, I CAN NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT DOING THIS! Anyone want to convince me? or stop me? 
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