Monday, July 31, 2017

The 100 Day Project

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While on vacation, I completed a HUGE project - the 100 Day Project which I started back in April. I took a black and white photo everyday for 100 days. I've tried to complete this project two other times but failed miserably after about 40 days.

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After successfully completing this one, I decided my previous attempts were too ambitious. The last two times I tried to knit a swatch a day which sounds doable but takes at least 20 minutes. This time though was a grand success and so much fun! The key this time around was keeping it simple and a less than 10 minute daily commitment. This meant that some days I spent forever getting the perfect shot and other days, I'd sneak into my kid's bedroom after bedtime to quickly snap a shot and upload it to Instagram.

I had so much fun completing this project and plan to make a book out of it for myself. I love looking at the photos I made over 100 days. You can see all my photos here:

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