Monday, July 03, 2017

Monthly Goal Check-In (June)


We are officially more than halfway through the year! Life continues to move at a rapid but extremely fun pace. While Fall is truly my favorite season, I do love the playfulness of Summer and all the swimming. Oh, I love the swimming! 

2017 Goals

1. Workout 217 times in 2017 - I worked out 19 times in June. I'm at 122 workouts with 95 more workouts to complete this year. I'm tracking well on this goal. 

2. Participate in the Year of Creativity -  This month was all about space, specially making space for our creativity. I am terrible about making space for writing. I write in the midst of the chaos. I write as children climb over over me and shout at me. I write and photograph as the craziness of life overwhelms me. I have space downstairs but it is in our cluttered guest room and will soon be remodeled. 

3. Shoot one roll of film a month - I slid in with this goal at the very end. I shot my roll of film on June 30th at the pool. Now to get it developed along with my other rolls of film. 

4. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I worked on my primary swatch and some of the questions related to it. 

5. Finish my Miter Square Blanket - I worked on a lot of squares this month. I want to say that I got 4 done. I can see my blanket growing! 

6. Read 52 books. - I read 6 books this month. This means I have 24 books to read this year and 28 under my belt. Book Bingo is already helping me crush my book numbers.

7. Finish up various House Projects - This month was spent keeping things together with Scott gone so I did not get to any of my house projects. 

8. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - I'm still gathering my images. Five years of images takes a lot of time to gather and put in the appropriate albums. These books are going to be epic! 

9. Become more politically active and work to be the change in my community - Ermmm, yea about that... 

10. Learn how to make a really good stock 

Bonus Goal: Grow two new crops in my garden and add some chickens to my flock. 
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