Monday, May 26, 2003
Climbing Freak

Yesterday after a beautiful ride through Magnolia and over to Alki, Stephanie convinced me to attend the Mary Meyer Climbing Clinic. Now I know what Stephanie loves about climbing! I sense another addiction coming on! The teachers said I was doing really good for my first time. There was only one climb that I couldn't make it to the top on and I thought it was HARD!

I made Destiny another mouse which I know she was secretly playing with. She pretended not to care about it when I gave it to her but when I watched her around the corner, she was playing with it! When she saw me though, she walked away like she didn't care. Stinker!

I'm 9 whole inches into my 26 inch long handles. Why oh why is this so hard for me? It's only 6 little knit stitches! I think it's boring me and that is where the difficulty lays. I'm going to make myself knit for 15 minutes a day on the handles until they are complete. Hopefully that will mean by the end of the week at the longest. I just can't take them any more and I really want to start on another project but I feel guilty with the handles hanging over my head!

It's Memorial Day here and yes you guessed it, I'm at work. It's hard to work when you know that everyone else is sleeping in, going to BBQ's and basically enjoying thier day off. But on the bonus side, it is quite quiet here and I have cleared a lot off my plate :)

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