Friday, May 09, 2003
You know you are getting quite serious about biking when you schedule two days of bike riding in a row! Yep, I've schedule rides with my buddies on both Saturday and Sunday, though I'm not sure how I'm fitting Sunday in. My mom wants me to spend the whole day with her. Now you might think that I don't see her that often but ummm I do! Let's see in the last week, I've seen her at the gym twice and once when I stopped by her house. So really she gets enough daughter time but it is nice to be so loved.

Knitting Front: Made Stephanie a coin purse. She said that I never make her anything and she does so love pink, so the coin purse was made. I'll be working on something more for her later but I needed to tame the savage beast for now. I also finished another dishcloth (pictures up soon) and worked up a swatch for my summer tank. It is going to be fantastically beautiful!

Have a great weekend!
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