Monday, May 19, 2003
Weekend Wonder

Another weekend, another bike ride. On Saturday, Diana and I rode hills until we thought our legs would shake apart. It was quite tough.

Then I moved on to knitting interests for the rest of the day! After attending a housewarming party, I made my way to Hilltop Yarn and Needlepoint on Queen Anne and participated in their anniversary sale. It was hard to contain myself but I believe I did quite well. I ended up spending $40 and saving $20. Not bad. The yarn owners are always so nice there and I signed up for "Knitting with Color". I can't wait to take the class but I'll have to since it's not until June 18th. Until then, I'm focusing on finishing some of my WIPs! I worked on my felted bag this weekend and added in the novelty yarn. I'm about 75% done and can't wait to felt the bag!

My knitting is getting more and more popular. My friends now bicker over what I'm making them next. Of course I've offered to teach them but they aren't interested. It seems they associate my love for them with my knitting for them. Well at least it's nice to be liked.

On Sunday, Diana and I did a 50 mile bike ride. On our way back, we notice a cute boy on the side of the trail with his bike upside down. We ride a bit further and Diana turns around and says, "Should we go back?" and I quickly nod and say, "I'm thinking so."

So we go back and ask if he needs any help while praying that he doesn't need us to do any bike repair because well we can't do any bike repair! He says he's ok, that soon his friend will notice he's gone and come back to help me. So we pedal off. Later we talk about cute boy and how cute he was and maybe his missing friend is cute too.

We finish our ride and chow at Subway. I think we each ate our sandwhiches in like 2 minutes. Diana goes to Starbucks for her blind date and I go home to take a hot bath. Well Diana's date is lame and never shows but what do you know? Cute boy and friend show up at Starbucks. Diana talks to them a bit but forgets to get their phone number. They are doing STP too and that could have been worked! So when she called me to tell me about her adventure, I was jealous but I got over it.

And now I just want to know, is it the weekend yet?
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