Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Knitting Freak

Last night I finally finished the annoying handles for my felted bag! Now I just need to assemble the bag and felt it. Since I have training for my summer job tonight, I may not get to it until tomorrow night, but I know that by this weekend, I shall have completed this project.

I did get to visit a very nice club last night with my sister-in-law. The Pro Club is a real executive club where most Microsofties belong. They get free membership and all I can say is this is a fantastic perk! I would go nuts if I belonged to this place. They are huge and have every service known to man. Also their swimming pool is beautiful and everyone is quite friendly. I really enjoyed myself and tortured my sister-in-law by making her swim 6 more laps than she wanted. But it was good for her and she did so well.

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