Monday, May 05, 2003
I did it! I ran the 2003 Vancouver 1/2 Marathon yesterday and while it was 13.1 miles of cold, wet weather I did enjoy myself. My friend Diana ran the first 6 miles with me before breaking away and running ahead. She muttered something about a shower? It was around mile 8 that I decided I wanted to go home and was done running. Unfortunately I was in Stanley Park and my hotel was about 5 miles away. So I decided I would just finish running. I next encountered THE HILL. The one that climbed over 500 feet in about 2 miles. Miles 8.5 to 10.5 were spent on the hill. At mile 10 I did a cheer and picked up a new running buddy. She said that her knee was killing her and she needed my "cheerful" attitude for the rest of the run. I was so glad to have a new running buddy. We jogged and walked the next two miles. At mile 12 though I encountered a rolling cramp in my right calf. It hurt so bad and I leapt into the air and yelled in pain. I jogged most of mile 12 in and finished in about 3 hours and 13 minutes of which I was pleased. I didn't achieve my goal of 3 hours BUT I did improve my time from the Seattle 1/2 Marathon. Whew! Now I have to start training for the TYR Triathlon in Portland, Oregon. I'm insane!

No knitting news this time, I was too busy with the X-Men 2 movie on Friday night and my race on Sunday to do much else.

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