Monday, May 12, 2003
What a weekend! I didn't get in the two days of biking but it was still quite busy! Friday night was lovely with a stop at the Nickerson Street Salon in Fremont and then Gelato to finish. Yum!

On Saturday, we went on a bike ride from the start of the Burke-Gilman trail in Ballard to a park in Woodinville. All in all it was 43 lovely miles. Well the last two weren't so lovely but I still enjoyed myself. I then traveled down to a bike blow-out sale and got a new biking outfit. It's lovely!

Sunday was Mother's Day which I appropriately spent with my Mother. We ate a huge breakfast at my Mom's favorite restaurant and then I spent the day with her doing my laundry and asking her to wash my car. She kept reminding me it was Mother's Day as she watched her taped shows of Dr. Phil and calling me into the room every few seconds to discuss the show. Now I'm back at work and trying to concentrate on all my duties.

In knitting news, I turned the heel in my first sock. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but it looks right! I'll post pictures once I have it done.
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