Monday, August 11, 2003
Blogging Support

I love blogging! And I love getting support from other bloggers! Thank you Monica and Stella!

First my belated Puppetry of the P***s report. It was hysterically funny and so much fun! After awhile you forgot what you were exactly watching! The opening comic was fantastic too! I'd give this act 4 stars and say run out and watch them when they come to your town!

This weekend was both productive and wasteful! I took Zubin the dog on a run with a friend on Friday night. It was fantastic! Saturday morning was my running group so I took Zubin with me again. We walked with the walkers for about 2 miles and then ran the remaining 3 miles in. I really pushed it for the last 1/2 mile so that Zubin could get some good running in. The only problem was that it was pouring down rain on Saturday. Zubin and I were covered in mud and I had to give him a bath when we got back to his apartment. My friend (his owner) was out of town at a concert so I took him out for his exercising. He makes the runs a bit easier because he'll pull you through the tough times.

I worked at the Chateau both Saturday and Sunday evening so there wasn't much time for fun. I did visit REI on Sunday and purchased my new bike saddle, the Terry Butterfly. I'm having it installed tomorrow. I want them to check the height and make sure my bike is fit properly with the new seat. I also got a new Marmot Rain Jacket in Celery. I had a great shopping day yesterday!

I also made a visit to my favorite yarn shop on Friday. Somehow I managed to escape with only a few skeins of yarn! I had a question on a scarf I am making out of ribbon yarn and as usual they were very helpful.

OK off to make a living now!
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