Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Olympic Wonder

Just a little under two weeks until my Olympic triathlon and I hope to be chanting "Olympic Wonder" at the end of it. I know I can do and I have even mapped out the times for the course. I am allowing 40 minutes for the swim (I know I can go faster but I am allowing for near drownings, being kicked, and going off course), 1 hour and 25 minutes for the bike with 1 hour and 20 minutes for the run. The run will be my hardest part but I know that I can walk the whole 6 miles if need be and still finish. I'll be running though.

I finished Chloe's hat last night. It's the cutest! I now need to start the hat for her brother. I think I'm going to adjust the stripes a little bit though to make them different and this time I am going to weave in the excess yarn as I go so I don't have to do it all at the end. I did not like that part at all!

Annoyances -- I want to know what every single morning our Creative Director stops by my desk and asks if the coffee is fresh. AM I HIS COFFEE MAKER? If I don't make coffee (actually its rare when I do) then he looks sad and ambles off. He NEVER makes the coffee himself! And it's not hard. You push the grind button once. Then you put the filter holder in the coffee maker and press "brew". And there you go, coffee is made. GRRRRR!

I had a pretty busy weekend but all in all it was good. On Saturday morning, Mot and I did the Urban Challenge . We raced from Queen Anne to Fremont to Gasworks Park to Eastlake to Capitol Hill to Downtown Seattle before returning to Queen Anne. 12.84 miles later with only 2 of them on the bus, Mot and I were pooped! I then had to go and work at the Wine Auction at the Chateau Ste. Michelle. My legs were killing me! I was near death!

Then on Sunday, I went on a 24 mile bike ride with Stephanie, swimming at Mounger Pool and then joined Krista and Mot for a rock climbing clinic. All of it fun, but all of it exhausting on my poor body.

I am now at work resting.....
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