Monday, August 04, 2003
Moodie Monday

Every Monday morning I ask where my weekend has gone. So sad that I have to wait another 5 days until I can enjoy the thrill of the weekend. Until then I'll bask in the glow of this weekend's memories.

Saturday was spent sleeping in until a glorious 10:15 a.m.! It was wonderful! Stephanie called me at 10:30 and we talked for about 1/2 an hour. She got me up and ready to tackle some bedroom de-cluttering. I cleaned out most of the boxes and put the trash on the deck. Sad to say that it is still there!

Once Mot was off work, we went down to Ikea for some apartment shopping. It was a frightening sight! Hoards of children and parents filled the aisles. I told Mot that I would have to focus extra hard in order not to buy unneccessary items. It was a successful trip and I do need to go back for a few more items. I finally found the perfect kitchen rug and I got a new duvet cover. The best part of the trip was the purchase of two garbage cans for $1.00 each! Fantastic Ikea purchase!

I think I've found the perfect CD storage thing too. It's called Benno CD tower and holds up to 180 CD's. It's perfect!

When we got back to my place, Stephanie called again. We decided to see the movie "SeaBiscuit". It was tense but oh so good! Unfortunately seeing the movie cut into the time I had planned to finish my Mother's birthday gift. More on that later.

Sunday morning I awoke and headed down to Hale's Ales for a Brewery to Brewery bike ride. All in all it was about 44 miles and me and my sister-in-law joined the Cascade Bike Club for the ride. It was her longest ride ever and she did great! She did look beat at dinner that night. It was my Mom's birthday on Saturday but due to scheduling conflicts on her end, we went to dinner on Sunday at the Tap Room. It was a fantastically yummy meal. Mom loved her gifts but I had to give her the scarf unfinished. I told her I would finish it this week and I will! Bad Becki!

OK off to do some work now!
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