Wednesday, August 06, 2003

In just a few short hours, I will be attending Puppetry of the P***s at The Moore Theatre. How my friend got me involved in this, I'll never know! But I'm sure we will have fun and I've heard it's hysterical! I'll make sure to report in on that tomorrow.

Training is going well. I rollerbladed for 6 miles on Monday before swimming 45 laps at the pool. Yesterday I had Run ChuckIt Running. Tonight I am off for the play with swimming tomorrow. I'm going to be super strong for this Olympic Tri! I want to do well. I also want to run a 10 minute mile. I really wish I wasn't such a slow runner! I can swim and bike with the best of them but then I just drop so far behind in the run!

I'm trying to clean up my knitting stash and get my projects organized! I have so many in the works that I just need to concentrate on getting some done. I also need to figure out how to store my stash. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of putting the yarn in those vaccum sealed bags so bugs and other friends can't get to them while in storage.

Well off to get ready for the play, oh and I still have to get some more work done!

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