Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Crazy Girl

I have officially gone crazy. After reading some blogs (Kerrie's and Carolyn's) I decided to participate in the 5th Annual Novel in a Month Event. I have just committed to writing 50,000 words in a month. I know I can do this and since I am currently unemployed, this is the time to do it.

I've been scattered this past week and I am working today to get back on track. I can no longer allow people to suck up my time because I am not working. Lunches, picking up items for them and other such nonsense must stop now. It's hard to be a hard-ass but it needs to be done for my sake. I need to focus on finding a job.

So that aside, I am to tell you about MaBella from the Bon-Macy's. Last Thursday I rushed to the mall to shop for the perfect interview outfit. After trying on a few suits and searching around. I settled on two suits. I then started looking for shirts to go under neath. I wasn't sure about one of the suits but since I was shopping alone, I figured I would buy them, show them to my Mom and return the one she didn't like. Well after encountering MaBella, I didnt' need any help from my Mom. MaBella is from Columbia and is the best salesperson I have ever met! She helped me select one suit and some shirts to go underneath. We discussed several options and then she told me how she thought I should wear my hair and what kind of jewerly to get. I was set. When I marched in for my interview, I knew I looked good and that is one step in the process to getting hired.

Today I am v. tired since my friend Liz stayed the night. I think I only got 6 hours of sleep. Tonight will be an early to bed night. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in some good knitting time too.

Till later,


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