Friday, October 17, 2003
Lucky Girl

Stella mentioned that I was having good luck! And I think I am! Today has already been fantastic! I had my initial phone interview with the agency and I feel very strong about my chances for success.

Right after I got off the phone I checked my e-mail and recieved one about FREE flights on Ryan airlines. Well I'm going to England in November. I didn't think I could use the offer but I noticed I could fly from Manchester to Dublin for one day. So I booked it. I'm staying overnight so that I have more time but all I had to pay was 33.23 pounds for taxes, etc. Now where else can you fly so cheap! I debated staying in a hostel but would feel nervous staying alone in a dorm room. I looked into a private room and it would have been $120. So I booked a hotel for $60. It looks nice and the doors have locks for when I'm a freak :)

A's cable knit hat has been ripppppinnnnng! I noticed that I made some major errors. One being gauge! So I ripped it out and will re-do it this weekend. I'd rather give her a great present than one I'm not enamored with. I'm planning on getting more fun fur today so I can make some Christmas presents. I'm going to make some for my friends in England. I'll need to get those done by November.

Went for a 5 mile run yesterday with some friends and took another friend's dog, Zubin with me. It was a wild and windy run. Poor Zubin was so tired he didn't even try to pace in my car and just flopped on the couch when I got him back home. He's a funny dog with a great owner (she sent me the Ryan Air information).

Tonight a quick 3 mile run before meeting with job-searching friends. We are going to review some interview tips so that when we get our interviews we do fantastic!

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