Thursday, October 23, 2003
On a Roll!

Yesterday was a very frustrating day for me. First of all I overslept. Ok so I don't have anywhere I have to be BUT I do try to get up by 8 a.m. to start job hunting. I awoke at 9:30 a.m. I decided to get over it and tried to log on to the internet. After logging in and getting bumped after a few minutes, I thought I'd best head over to my parent's house to use their connection. I COULDN'T GET ON! I then went to a spinning class (might as well get some fitness in if I can't get some job searching done). Well it was HARD! I thought I was going to die but I didn't! I can't wait to go back. My butt needs this workout!

Then last night I heard the sad news that Elliott Smith had committed suicide. Such a loss!

Today I received good news! I have a real live interview tomorrow. Of course this means I need a suit so I'm going shopping in a bit. I did steal one from my Mom's house but it's a skirt suit and I prefer pants. I might combine the jacket with some new pants though. Oh shopping here I come!

Happy Knitting!
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