Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I spent most of today and yesterday re-doing my resume with all the great suggestions I've received from collegues and friends. Whew! It's a hard process and I'm feeling a bit frayed.

Luckily I have my knitting to keep me on track. I am super happy that I ripped out A's birthday hat. I re-cast on with larger needles and carefully counted out stitches. This time around, we are back on track and I'm about an inch from finishing. I purchased some more fun fur to knit 3 scarves for my friends in England. I only have 4 weeks until I go on my trip and I know that time will fly so I'd best get started soon. I just need to finish A's hat and do one more quick hat for Liz's children before starting the hats. Since both of the above projects have deadlines of Friday, I'm sure I'll be working on the scarves by this weekend.

Did hills tonight at ChuckIt. It was hard but good. Couldn't run yesterday due to the over 5 inches we received in rain yesterday. It was crazy! I ended up going to the gym but I just can't run on the treadmill. It just bugs me too much so I did my weights and pedaled on the bike for about 40 minutes. Tomorrow I'm taking a spinning class since those are more fun than just randomly cycling. It will help keep up my bike skills and get me to the gym to do my weights!

Happy Knitting!
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