Tuesday, October 14, 2003

While it appears I haven't posted in a few days, I did post on Friday but it appears my post was eaten by the computer. Bah! So to catch everyone up, I've been very busy job hunting, knitting and running.

In the knitting arena, I've finished Melissa's baby sweater, almost finished M's Christmas scarf, am about half-way done with the multi-directional scarf and have nearly finished A's birthday hat. I love M's Christmas scarf so much! It's made out of fun fur yarn and has a slit in the middle of it. I think I'll be getting some more of the yarn and making more of these! They only take a few hours and are great TV knitting.

On the running front, I skipped my 12 mile run on Saturday. I think I was nervous about having Chuck (monica, he's my running coach) waiting for me. Instead I went on Sunday and made arrangements for a friend to meet me 3 miles before the end. I knew that I would be struggling at that point and would be tempted to walk. Since she was fresh, she kept me going and only allowed me to walk once up a big hill. I think my moaning and groaning about the hill wore her down. After my run, we went to a local park so she could kick around a soccer ball. She's planning on trying out for a team this next weekend and wanted to make sure that her foot could handle it. She has a screw in her foot and sometimes it aches. I had fun kicking the ball in the wrong direction so that she had to chase it down. I'm so mean!

This weekend my Dad installed new front brakes in my car and hunted down the leak. I also took my car to the mechanic to fix the "Service Engine Light" We discovered that the clutch people didn't attach a wire correctly causing the light to go off. The leak is also from the clutch people not putting a gasket on right. So today, I'm going back to the clutch people to have the gasket fixed and to ask them to pay for the service engine repair. We shall see. If they won't give me $$$, I'm going to ask for rear brake parts since I need that fixed soon too.

OK Off to knit and fight crime! Oh and I get to run hills today. My favorite!
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