Wednesday, November 03, 2004
I DID it (with a little help from a friend)!

Yep, I did it. I ran the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday in 6 hours and 22 minutes. It was fantastic! Stephanie really pulled me through a tough, tough spot around mile 12. I'll have a full race report later tonight but for now, here are some highlights.

My medal!

Inspirational Stones from Stephanie for finishing the race

Goodies from Knit Happens

I also finished a scarf for my friend Liz who kindly put Stephanie and I up at her house. After much convincing, I got her daughter to pose for me. She then quickly ran up to give it to her Mom.

Also when I got home last night, I had a package from my Now Norma Knits. I was so excited that my Secret Pal was Norma from Now Norma Knits. I've been reading her blog for a short while and LOVE it!

And I loved having her as a secret pal. How can one not when they get this in the mail?

I got two beautifully soft skiens of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca yarn. I think a lacy scarf would be perfect for this. In fact, I think I might have the perfect pattern from a book I purchased at Knit Happens. And Norma also sent me the best treat! Chocolate covered pretzels, the perfect mix of salty and sweet for those times you can't decide if you want a sweet treat or a salty treat! I do love these! And she included a chocolate frog. I may have to share the frog. My Mom collects frogs and loves them so if she sees this, it may be stolen!


OK now I must get back to digging through my work emails and getting caught up! Marathon stories tomorrow!
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