Monday, November 29, 2004
Home from France

Bon Jour! I'm home after what seemed like the longest flight(s) ever! I left Nice, France at 6 a.m. (France time) and arrive in Paris at 8:20 a.m. where upon I had to pay $200 to change my flight home (to avoid spending the night in JFK). After taking almost three hours to check in my luggage and get through security, I waited a few more hours before boarding a plane to Chicago.

Once in Chicago and greeting my luggage in Customs, I found out my plane was delayed almost two hours. I purchased Middlesex (which I love by the way) to pass the time. I had read all my other books and was working on Proust. Unfortunately Proust can not be read while tired and smelly from traveling. Middlesex is much better suited for that. I eventually did board my plane to Seattle and arrive home shortly before 1 a.m. PST. I figure it took me almost 24 hours to get home from France.

I had a fantastic time and got to meet the wonderful Kate. She took time to show me bits of Paris and took my friends and I out for a great dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Cheesy bowls are divine! I do have a photo to show we actually met but alas it is on my camera at home. I'm still a bit dis-organized though I attempted to spend most of yesterday cleaning up and getting it together. One thing I'm upset about is a missing knitting book. It's my recently acquired "Scarf Style" and I only hope I didn't dump it at the libary when I was returning books before my trip. I may have to fork over the $21.95 again because I MUST have that book. Of course, once I do that, I shall find my errant copy.

I shall re-tell the tale of my trip in the coming days but for now know that it is possible to become sick of cheese, take 500 pictures of "cute" village doors and learn to drive like the French. Yes, I drove in the South of France and now my car feels HUGE and people around here drive so carefully. All in all, a successful and wonderful trip was had by all. Jen and Stephanie -- are we going to Spain next? I need to practice my spanish!
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