Friday, November 12, 2004
Kate Deliveries

It's been fun the past few days receiving packages for Kate. Last night, I popped by the house to grab another sweater and saw another box had come for Kate. I opened the box and placed it aside while looking for the perfect spot to store Kate's goodies. Destiny, quick as a whisker decided the empty box was her new home. She jumped inside and quickly fell asleep. Now a quicker blogger than I would have taken a picture but I had left my camera at Zubin's house so no picture. But I can tell you she was so cute!

I can also tell you that Kate ordered some yummy looking yarn! What temptation! I had to quickly put it inside my suitcase. In some crazy idea of being organized, I've started packing early. OK so I brought out my suitcase and put Kate's yarn in there and that's it.

After that I went home and caught a startitis bug. I started the bag from the cover of Last Minute Knits. Fabulous!

Last night, Mot and I had free passes to see Finding Neverland. While the movie theater seemed a bit un-organized, the movie was beautiful. I cried and cried throughout most of it but then again, I am the girl who teared up watching The Incredibles. James Barrie was brought to life in this film which in turn developed in me a new appreciation for the story of Peter Pan. I would highly recommend this film but I do caution others, this isn't a very good story for children (in fact the ones in the theatre looked bored) and neither is it a fast moving film.

This weekend, Bridget Jones!
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