Monday, October 24, 2005
Dulaan Knitting

Saturday arose bright and sunny, reminding us Seattlites of our brief Summers and plunging some of us (me!) into a wee depression about the coming months of rain, fog and darkness. There was something to save the day though and that was the Dulaan Knit-In at Mary's house.

I arrived a tiny bit late (because arriving on time is so not my thing) and quickly cast on for a cabled hat. I was using yarn that I won at the Seattle Stitch and Pitch back in July. I figured one good turn deserved another.

Linda was also thinking the same thing and brought bags and bags of beautiful yarn to Mary's for Dulaan knitting. I was so excited by all the beautiful yarn, I neglected to take photos but I can tell you that there are kids in Mongolia that will be warmer due to Linda's generosity. I took some Lorna's Laces for socks, hats and a possible scarf (still in the decision period). This will be a great boost toward my 14 items goal.

I then returned to the knitting and after snacking on treats and discussing yarn with others, I finished up the hat.

I made Ryan pose in the hat but somehow in my excitement, I shook the camera and got a fuzzy photo. (Sorry, Ryan!)

And of course, I had to model my own creation before it was placed in the knitting pile for another who can really use the warmth.

Dulaan Knitting -- 1 Down! 13 to go!
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