Thursday, October 06, 2005
One of THOSE days

Yesterday was sooooo one of those days. First, I had a mini-tiff with my father where there was snootiness involved on both sides. Then I had work upsetness which lead me to announcing that I needed to have the BEST RUN EVER to Julie when I met up with her later.

And you know what, THAT was the highlight of my day. I did have the BEST RUN EVER! I announced to Julie as we were bounding along that I was now SO VERY HAPPY! It was one of those runs where I didn't care that it was raining, that only added to the joy. I was able to do annoying cheers and leaps to show how happy I was and I just wished that the people around me could experience that joy too.

After running, I headed home for some Survivor, Teriyaki and knitting time. I announced early on in the evening that I forsaw a finished right front for the Trellis sweater. I think Karma heard me because later in the evening, there was some swearing and another announcement that the, "Sweater is F**king with ME!" So I did what any smart knitter does, I kept knitting and then I ripped and then I had the needles taken from me since I wasn't playing fair with the yarn.

Here is the right front as of this morning, not finished but oh it will be soon and it better not mess with me again!

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