Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Where Rebecca Discusses Why Updating The Blog This Week Has Been So Difficult

1. Spanish Classes started on Monday night. All the new people are super smart (or just appear to be so), speak Spanish fluently (why don't I?) and intimidated me (which is hard since I don't intimidate easily but believe me! If you had seen me on Monday, I looked like a deer caught in the headlights)

2. All my Knitting has not produced anything that can be shown. I love secret knitting, I really do but it is hard to have lots of secret knitting because then you can not show off what great things you have made! :P

3. Work has been insanely busy. Busy! Busy! Busy! For instance, the phone was already ringing as I walked in this morning. AND you know what, it is STILL ringing! Well best to be busy than bored!

4. Watching Movies. Last night I saw Everything is Illuminated which made me want to read the book and tell everything how much I LOVED it! And somehow this weekend, I also watched Crash and The Motorcycle Diaries this past weekend. Both were just fabulous and thought provoking. I seem to be in a movie watching thought provoking mood.

5. Packages. I received two of the three packages I've been expecting in the mail but not the one I was really hoping for! I did get some new awesome books from Amazon and some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (for baby sweaters!) but I need the yarn for the baby blanket for Kim's baby. That sucker is going to take a long time to knit up and I only have a few months to do this!

So those are my excuses for this week...hopefully I'll have some knitting to show later this week!
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