Tuesday, December 12, 2006
The Mancho, or why Meg and I should not be pattern makers

Mancho 002

Meg is working on a Christmas present for her father and I kindly offered some assistance with the pattern since she was using different yarn which a different gauge than the pattern called for. Now last year, I used this same yarn to create this same pattern but did not write down what I did. No problem! I'll use my fantastic math skills to help a friend out! I calculated, I added, I subtracted, I hmm'd, I haw'd...I decided she should cast on 180 stitches.

Meg diligently cast on and began knitting. She told me she was almost done with her second skein. I told her that she must be almost done and she said, nope, not long enough yet.

I came over to her house, I checked out the present.

I said, "This looks quite big. You should rip."

She said, "No, it's good" We continued on our merry way.

Last night at Purly Girls I decided to try it on. One look at Jessica's face revealed that something was horribly wrong.

Rebecca suggested that Meg add some ribbing to make it tighter around the neck and flare out around the shoulders. Meg responded that it was a lovely suggestion but her dad was not a gay man but, "rather and outdoor-Idaho-let's-go-fishing/camping-and-build-stuff kind of a man." That sent Meg and me into fits of laughter.

Mancho 001

We have now created the MANCHO, the perfect Gaiter/Pancho for the outdoorsy gay man. Yes, Meg and I will never be knitwear designers.
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