Thursday, December 14, 2006
Observations from a Bus

I took the bus into work today since the daily commute has really begun to drag on me and my understanding of the nuances of road rage continues to grow. While losing the "freedom" of having the car at work with me can be a negative, the ability to read a book or knit or both is a huge positive. Another great positive about riding the bus is the opportunity to people watch. I LOVE people watching and think this may be why I love riding on planes so very much.

This morning's ride provide a plethora of people watching once I got off the Express bus and switched to the Local bus for the second part of my ride. There was one girl who caught my attention and not just merely because she was holding two take-out containers in her lap (and made me wonder where they were from and if the food was any good) and neither because she was quite pretty but wearing a handkerchief on her head with dirty sweats. No, this particular girl caught my attention because she talked on her cell phone all the way from Downtown to Georgetown where I got off and she continued talking on her phone. She did a majority of the talking while the person on the other end appeared to just listen. I put in my headphones and tried not to stare at her (because staring RUINS people watching).

Then she started talking about Burlesque shows and how she really needed to practice more but her apartment was too small and the park nearby had too many trees. She also talked about how another girl just wasn't impressed but then she wasn't impressed about so many things.

I sat there wondering if the girl knew she was on the bus and that 35 other people could hear EVERY SINGLE WORD she uttered and now several of the men were wondering if it would be polite to offer their place for her Burlesque practices. The young teenage boy sitting across from me tried not to lean over for a quick look but couldn't do it gracefully.

Ahhh, the joys of bus riding.

Now for the knitting part of our program! I'm knitting along quickly on Gabby's sweater though I don't seem to be making quick progress. I think sleep and work are getting in the way of sweater production. I am also making great strides on my knee sock and I can't wait to wear them!

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