Friday, December 15, 2006
Wind Storm 2006 (or what I call a HURRICANE!)

Last night the Seattle region was on high-alert. A HUGE windstorm (or seriously a Level 1 Hurricane) was baring down on the region. The 520 floating bridge was closed and the mid-span opened. The lights were flickering. Harold the Reindeer had dug his claws into the grass, bracing for windgusts of up to 75 mph.

I snuck outside shortly before the power went out and shot some video on the mini digital camera.

You can hear the wind howling along. We had a few shingles fall off the roof and there was a broken fin from one of the fish hanging near the front door but all in all we made it through. Others were not as lucky.

As I drove my Mom into work today, most of the way was without power (though I did find one gas station with power and I guess according to my Disaster Prepared Mother, I should always keep my gas tank half full but I don't and so driving on fumes made me nervous this morning). It took us almost two hours to get to work and the bus wouldn't have been much better. I saw only one bus going our way the entire way in compared to the usual 5-8 I usually share the road with.

You know this "weather" we've been experiencing is a bit too much! I SURRENDER!
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