Monday, February 25, 2013

15 Months with Molly Pop

Molly 15 Months

Molly, you are 200% a toddler now. You shake your head, "NO!" a lot and giggle everywhere you go. Last week you learned how to climb onto things which means you spend a lot of time climbing on and off the couch, climbing into your high chair and getting in and out of your toy car. Sometimes you get stuck and your little pathetic cry is both hilarious and sad.

Toot! Toot!

You are becoming very independent which is both a good thing and a bad thing. You like to get your own stuff out of the fridge but you are not quite tall enough to reach it so you spend a lot of time with the door open pointing at your favorite food, CHEESE.

Oaxaca Baby

Your vocabulary is exploding! You started saying, CHEESE! Cracker, Molly, Doll, Baby, Sock along with Mommy and Daddy. It's is adorable. You are also trying out new sounds. For days you have been saying Dop! Dop! I have no clue what you are trying to say unless you want to talk about the Doppler Radar which I highly doubt. I mean the Doppler Radar is a great tool for weather prediction but I'm sure that a 15-month-old is that into weather prediction.

Sweet Potato Tots from @tacotime make for a yummy lunch!

We had your 15 month doctor's appointment today and you are growing like a weed! 24.5 lbs, 32 inches long with an almost 19 inch head circumference. Once again you are in the 95th percentile for your head and length and the 75th for weight. I took you to Top Pot Doughnuts after your booster shots. I feel that shots are good but deserve a little treat for the effort. You heartily approved of this plan.

Post Doctor Donut Run!

You are a great eater! I keep waiting for you to become a picky eater and I'm sure you will but until then I will continue to offer you fantastic food and watch you gobble it up! And seriously you eat more than most adults. I sometimes feel like I spend all day just feeding you.

IMG_1120 (1)

We had you baptized yesterday at my childhood church. I was a bit ambivalent about it which is part of the reason we waited so long to do it. However, I am really glad that we had you baptized and while I will certainly allow you to explore religion in your own way, I hope to be a guide for you as you grow. I guess this means that I'll need to start taking you to church soon.

Baptism Knit Dress

You had a great time at church. You danced to the hymns, dug through the pew holders, checked out the bible and when it was time to have water poured onto your head, you were totally into it. In fact, it was hard to keep you from diving into the baptismal bowl and splashing water everywhere. The ministers told me that they were impressed with how well you did. There was no crying. Just excitement. 



I knit your gown for the baptism and it came out so cute! It meant more to me that I made you a dress than to buy one off the store shelf. Also the store ones were really expensive and for a one-time deal, I felt they were too much.

Baptism Dress

Oh  Molly Pop! We love having you in our lives even if they are messier, louder and more tiresome. You are the very best daughter I could have asked for. In fact, we got a better daughter that we could have asked for. We are the luckiest people alive. We Love You, Molly POP!
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