Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chores, Mom Tricks and Fall Dates are This Week's Links from Around the Web


If I were a young woman now... It's good to be reminded that at some point I'm going to miss cradling my babies in my arms. That I'm going to miss them wiggling all over me when we read books. That I'm going miss all their crazy stories. One day.

Let Kids Mess Up the Household Chores They can't learn if they don't fail. I'm trying so hard to teach Molly how to do things around the house while also trying so hard to let go of perfection. It's hard because it is in my blood. My Grandmother taught me how to properly clean a house when I was 8 years old. She was every serious about it and that story right there explains so much.

Genius Mom Tricks I'm taking notes!

14 Fun Fall Dates I need to get a date night on the schedule for Scott and I. These all look fun!

Where the Magic Happens Children's Illustrators open up their studios and the photos are beautiful!

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