Thursday, September 10, 2015

One Hour Weekly Food Prep


One of the food bloggers that I follow on Instagram recently mentioned that she likes to set a one hour time limit on her weekly food prep. I decided to try out this idea over the weekend. I often get wrapped up in prepping food for the week and end up in the kitchen for hours. I love being more efficient and getting ready for the week by prepping our food.


I wrote my list and my timer before getting to work. Scott and Molly were out at a movie. Maggie was supposed to be sleeping but decided to skip her nap. She made a great prep sous chef. 


In the end, I prepped two crockpot meals for later in the week, made quiche for my lunches, whipped up some oatmeal cups for snacks, hardboiled eggs, made meatloaf and pulled out meat to defrost for the week. Right as I slid the oatmeal cups (the final item on my list) into the oven, my timer went off. Success! I was also thrilled that I was able to keep the kitchen clean throughout the process.

I plan on making this part of my weekly food prep. I can take an hour to get ahead every week and setting the timer meant that I needed to really focus. I'm now starting to think about other areas of my life that could be improved with focus and a strict time limit.
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