Monday, September 14, 2015

Preparing for the Week

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9/15 is another Day in the Life Photo Challenge! Come join us in documenting your day! 


Now that school is back in session, we have a lot going on everyday. It feels like each activity or place has its own set of equipment needs. In the past I've spent the morning before school or our activities, running around trying to grab everything we need and usually forgetting something. This year with the increase in school time for Molly, I decided to step up my game. On Sunday afternoon, after my one-hour meal prep, I rounded up our stuff and starting putting bags together for each activity. Molly has school four times a week while Maggie goes to co-op one day and daycare another. On top of that, we have swim one night a week and dance on another. 


I started packing our biggest bag which is swim. The swim bag can easily go sideways. Inside the bag, I packed our towels, pajamas (we go to swim at night and I put the kids right into their pjs to go home), shampoo and most importantly, snacks! I usually get the kids showered and changed before handing them snacks so I can quickly change out of my swim gear. Snacks have saved me from chaos many a time so I make sure to always pack lots of snacks. 


Our next bag was Molly's dance bag. She's taking ballet and tap this year which means two pairs of shoes along with tights and a dance costume. I think she's going to need leg warmers soon too. 


Then I packed up Molly's school bag. It's supposed to be rainy this week so I made sure to pack her rain outfit along with a change of clothing and her water bottle. Her school takes care of all food so I don't need to worry about that for school. 


Finally I packed up Maggie's co-op/daycare bag. I stuffed it full of diapers, wipes, a change of clothing and some snacks. I'll add a water bottle and some fresh fruit to her bag later. 

And now I feel ready for the week! Well, at least I have our bags packed and ready to go.  
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