Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The End of 100 Days of Summer

Even Mermaid Fairies go to the beach #100DaysofSummer2015

We had 100 Days of Summer and they were awesome! We swam until our hair was a tangled mess. We played in the backyard while our garden blossomed. We went on many, many, many road trips and visited the Oregon Coast twice. We were lucky enough to go to Suncadia twice and basically conquered traveling with two kids this summer. 

My crazy family! #100DaysofSummer2015

We made memories until we couldn't make any more. We ate fantastic food, enjoyed our summer harvest and had ice cream for dinner more times than we could count. 

Hotel Lounging #100DaysofSummer2015

We climbed trees, road bikes, swung on swings and visited so many parks. We forgot about schedules and found relaxation. We slept in and got up early. We went to bed late and early. 

Tree Climbing #100DaysofSummer2015

We went to the State Fair, ate our weight in corn dogs and funnel cake and blew our minds by seeing horses in person. 

Getting our @evergreenstatefairgrounds fair on! #100DaysofSummer2015

This was a summer for the books. We had the best 100 Days of Summer! You can see all my pictures on Flickr
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