Monday, February 15, 2016

24 Months with Mag-Pie


Dear Maggie,

I'm so very late with my last letter to you. It might be due to the busy holiday season that you were born in or that I don't want to let go of your baby years because you are such a toddler now. There is no baby left in you. Instead there is this active, passionate, humorous child who tells me stories and makes the best snarly faces.

December 21: Sing/Play Christmas Music & Celebrate Maggie's Birthday #mongrainadvent2015 #she's2!

You love your sister with every single part of your body and fight with her like a caged lion. You've taken to trying to wrestle her which makes me laugh because you throw your little body over hers and start trying to pin her down. She's still bigger than you so it is not a fair fight for you.

Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party

You had a great birthday party at The Little Gym and bounced to your hearts delight. I shortly thereafter enrolled you in gymnastics. We go on Fridays and while your sister does gymnastics in her class, I try to corral you in yours. You love the rings and the foam pit. 


You are also in co-op and I think you enjoy it. You basically love running around and playing with the toys. This coming Fall, you will be attending your sister's preschool for two mornings a week. I'm so excited for you (and honestly for myself too). 


You delight us with serenades to "Let It Go" and make us laugh with your antics. You do have a set of lungs on you and screech like a banshee if we don't do what you want. We hear the screech often. 


Maggie, keep on being you! You are a hilarious, passionate, stubborn little girl with a big ole bossy heart. We wouldn't have you any other way! 

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