Friday, February 12, 2016

February's 10 on 10

This month's 10 on 10 happened on Ash Wednesday. I had hoped to take my Mom to church services but co-op obligations kept me from doing so. We had a pretty busy day with preschool for Molly, Co-Op for Maggie, Ballet for Molly and a friend who joined us for Friend Week. 

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I've been packing the girl's breakfasts the night before in hopes that it will smooth out our morning routine. It's been helping some as has our new Morning Routine chart in picture form. Some mornings though, the kids are just grumpy about their morning. 

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Wednesdays mean that we all load up in the car to take Molly to preschool. Maggie always insists on taking her backpack along for the ride. We brought in Molly's valentine's for her classmates which was fun. I made pink, glitter playdoh and I hear it was a hit. I know I had fun making it. 

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Once Molly is at school, Maggie and I come back to go to her school. We walk there since her school is about 2 blocks from our house. She loves wearing her backpack and checking out all the garbage cans on the way to school. 

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Maggie got Valentine's from her classmates and when we returned home for lunch, she spent a long time looking at them and picking out her favorites. I also did play-doh for Maggie's class but opted for the pre-made party ones for her.

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Then it was back to Molly's school to pick her up. She convinced me to bring her friend home with us. Luckily we've all been friends since before the girls were born. I actually met Molly's friend's Mom in birth class. I feel lucky to count her as a friend and am thrilled that our kids get along. 

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The girls watched a show before setting in for some serious playing. Maggie refused to nap because she didn't want to miss out on the fun. It meant she was a real terror later but she thought it was worth it. 

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It was "Bring a Friend" to ballet class this week so Molly's friend came with us and her Mom met up with us at class. They were so excited to dance together. I enjoyed watching them and chatting with my friend. 

The rest of my day was spent making dinner, going to a parent co-op meeting and avoiding the laundry. Just another regular day. I made a short video of my 10 on 10 photos (because I'm obsessed) which you can see here:

Be sure to make your way around the blog circle to see what everyone else was up to on Ash Wednesday. Next up - Sonia Marfatia-Goode!

**Reminder** A Day in the Life Photo Challenge Coming THIS Sunday, February 14th. Join me in documenting your day! 
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