Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Video Obsession

My new camera has video ability and I've been busy exploring what it can do. I took some video last week when Molly and I went on our photo date and spent some time this week crafting a very short video.

I'm constantly inspired by my friend, Francesa's time capsule videos and have been hounding her for tips and thoughts. Luckily she's very generous with her tips and workshop ideas. She might also be the reason I settled on the Nikon D750. She's very good at helping me part with my money. I hope to share many more (and improved) videos with you in the future. I might even sneak in some video on my next 10 on 10 or a Day in the Life Photography Challenge. I just signed up for a Time Capsule class with Xanthe Berkeley but it doesn't start until March. I have a lot of deadlines between now and then so I think having to wait will be great for me. 
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