Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kid's Bedroom Refresh (Organizational Challenge Update)


I've been slowly working my way through the 14 Week Organizational Challenge. I'm dreadfully behind but I've made some great progress. Some rooms have been easy, i.e. the Living Room which I've always kept free of clutter. Other rooms have been a lot of work! One of the rooms that I made major improvements to was the girl's room. When Target came out with their Pillowfort collection, I stayed up until Midnight to order things online. The bedroom really needed a refresh and I am in love with the new look!


Their room was cluttered and mis-matched and not fun! I knew it wouldn't take much to take it from shabby shambles to fabulous and I was right. The first thing I had to do was deep clean their room. 


I spent hours pulling things out of their closet, recycling diaper boxes, sorting clothing and tossing, tossing, tossing. There is still plenty that could leave but the girls discovered my work and quickly put a stop to my donation pile. 


I removed the changing pad from their dresser since Maggie will be potty trained soon and all of her current diaper changes happen on the floor. I re-arranged the art on their walls and added some new items. Maggie didn't have anything above her bed as Scott has been nervous about earthquakes. Now that she is older, I decided to override his fear and moved the three girl photos from Molly's side of the bed to above Maggie's crib. Molly's area got a unicorn head and a fun wall plaque. 



I also completely switched out their bedding. They now have matching bedspreads from the Floral Field Pillowfort collection. I also got some fun pillowcases with silly sayings. Maggie's bedspread is a little big for her crib right now but I know we'll be switching her to a bed in the next 9-12 months so I thought I'd do it now especially since I love the Pillowfort collection. 


Molly keeps asking for plants and flowers in her room. I found this cute hippo plant stand at the local nursery and paired it with an easy to care for succulent. Molly is thrilled with her new plant and I know it will be hard for her to harm it with her love.


Their bedroom closet is almost completely empty. I have dreams of turning it into a dress-up area but I haven't gotten there yet. For now, the girls like to go in there, close the door and wave flashlights around. Whatever makes them happy! I'm just thrilled with the new look of their room. Now to tackle other areas of the house!
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