Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Urban Wild, Cheat Sheets and Daughters Are This Week's Links From Around the Web


Into the Urban Wild - I'm bookmarking this for our Friday Fun Adventures!

The Photographer's Cheat Sheet - I've been taking pictures since I was 5 years old, using manual settings since I was 14 and yet I still get all the aperture, shutter speed, ISO stuff confused in my head if I don't do it often. In an effort to get the technical stuff to stick, I've been using this cheat sheet. I thought it might be helpful to others.

11 Adorable Ways to Welcome a Baby - I had a lot of fun putting this article together. It almost made me want to have another baby. Then I remembered, I don't want another baby. Instead I'm passing along some of the most adorable baby announcements around.

If I Should Have a Daughter This video is so beautiful. I literally cried watching it and thought about what a wonderful gift, Francesca has given her daughter.
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