Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 on 10

This month's 10 on 10 happened to fall on Scott and I's anniversary. We were on Vashon Island for a story I was working on and had a great time with the girls. We celebrated on Friday night before leaving for the weekend so we had some time for celebration without the kids. The 10th though was pure family time.

The girls started their day with some serious TV watching while Scott and I took our time waking up and reading.

The place we were staying had a great public area with games. Molly and Maggie spent some time playing before we headed off for breakfast. 

We had breakfast at the bakery near our hotel and Molly got really into doing the ABC's on their magnetic scrabble board. It was fun watching her explore her letters. 

We had a long wait for the ferry home but eventually made it before the kids went completely feral. 

The ferry ride home was quick but the kids still managed to make some noise and run out their wiggles. 

We stopped at a burger joint close to the ferry dock for a late lunch. The burgers were great and the girls loved their milk shakes. 

 The chickens were thrilled to have us home since I had locked them up when we left for the weekend. The rest of our day was spent settling back in and getting ready for the week ahead.

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