Friday, September 19, 2003
Belay Certified

Well I passed! It wasn't as hard as Krista and I thought it would be and now I am an official belayer. Quite fun! We spent the rest of the evening climbing and had a great time.

I finished two mousies for a co-worker and she said her cats love them. She went home last night with them in her coat pocket. As she walked in the door, she tossed down her coat and went to the bathroom. She then heard some strange noises from the living room and went to investigate. Her male cat, Tellis was digging in her pocket for the mousies. She retrieved them for him and her two cats spent the rest of the night tossing them up in the air and slobbering on them. It's nice to hear that one's gifts are appreciated. I plan to start her mittens this weekend where I hope to have time to relax.

I started Stephanie's Christmas present last night and it's already looking wonderful. I know she'll love it!

I did a 45 minute run last night before getting ready for my dinner party (which is tonight). It was one of my worst runs in a long time. For the first 15 minutes, my feet ached and then I had to go to the bathroom, blah, blah. I finished the run but I hated it and hope to have a better one tomorrow.

Off to get cakes for the photoshoot!

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