Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Blah! Blah! and Double Blah!

I want the weekend! Work has just sucked this week and it is only Tuesday! People are on some sort of rampage and one has to put their head to the ground to ignore them.

Strange happenings on the boy front too. A guy I worked with this summer at the Chateau randomly contacted me via email yesterday. We hung out a bit at the concerts and went out with others for beers but nothing else. I also found out he had a girlfriend so any possible love interest from me was evaporated. Well he wants to meet for coffee which could say friendship EXCEPT that he wanted to meet right away and seems pretty insistant on meeting this week. We'll just have to see.

On the knitting front, I'm trying to focus on my WIPs and not be so random. I swear I knit 3 rows on the sock, then knit 2 rows on Stephanie's scarf, wonder off to look at a knitting book, buy yarn, knit on that a bit and then wonder why I haven't finished anything! I need to focus, focus, focus.

So in order of priority, I plan to focus on finishing these items in the next few weeks:

1) Melissa's Baby Sweater -- the kid is due in a few weeks so I've got to make this priority number 1!

2) My sock

3) Stephanie's Scarf

4) Diana's Scarf

5) Krista's Multi-Directional Scarf

6) Julie's Scarf (need to decide on a pattern for this one)

Off to knit!

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