Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Why can't every weekend be a 3-day weekend?

I had a wonderful weekend away from work. Saturday brought a 5 mile run (which was fantastic) and then a trip to Vancouver, Canada with S, K and M. Unfortunately M and I both forgot our passports so we had to visit the Immigration office and prove we were American. She decided to believe us and off we went. I visited Lush and only purchased one bar of soap. An amazing thing! We had Sushi, visited Shoe stores and basically had fun.

On Sunday, M and I went shopping and I got a great pair of pants at The Gap. Can't wait to wear them! Then I worked at the Chateau where Big Blue Sea played. People were awfully fun to watch.

Monday was hiking day and we went to Wallace Falls which is v. pretty. It was a fun morning. Then I spent the evening relaxing and watching stupid television shows between cleaning my apartment.

Now it's back to a four day work week with an Olympic Tri on Sunday. I'm getting nervous! Eeeeek!

I did finish J's cap though and started on a matching pair of mittens. I don't think I'll have enough yarn for a scarf but I might go back to the store and get more in order to make one. She'll love this present!

OK off to work like a fiend!

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