Friday, September 26, 2003
Come On Weekend!

I'm on Weekend countdown here at work. Only 3 more hours until I can make my escape from work....tick, tick, tick.

Last night I settled down to work on Melissa's baby sweater and watch Friends. The show was great but soon the sounds of "RIP" began to fill the air! The pattern calls for a K2tog on the RS. Sounds easy enough unless you end up knitting 20 rows with the K2tog on the WS! So after ripping back, I only ended up doing about 6 rows total. I'll get more done tonight.

I'm hiding out tonight. Well, sorta. I am going running with a friend at 6 p.m. but only 3 miles and then I need to stop by my apartment to visit my kitty. I'm sure she misses me lots.

This weekend my big plans are to clean my car, clean my apartment, knit and visit with some friends. Oh and sleep in some! Can't wait!

Tick, tick, tick
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