Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Clutchy Clutchy

Baby car is in the shop receiving a new clutch. I took her in yesterday morning and met my father at the shop. They seem really nice and I'll be able to pick up the car this evening. Actually I could pick it up right now but well I have to work! I was excited about riding into work with my Dad so I could knit. Well the man announces that I'll drive his car since I'll be dropping him off before going to my workplace. So out went the knitting idea! We had a nice ride in but it was a long morning for me and I was quite tired last night. I almost didn't make it through the Third Watch premiere. I did catch Las Vegas though. I am already hooked!

I did get some great knitting time in on Melissa's Sweater. I do wish I was quicker but I've already completed the back and the left front and just need to finish the right front. There are 4 button holes and I've completed one. I just need to finish the last three, sew up the sweater and block it. This will be my first real blocking experience so I've done my research and feel as prepared as I can be. I'm hoping to have enough yarn left to make some booties and a hat but it might be tight. I just wish I could remember where I got the yarn!

Krista and I went climbing at Stone Gardens on Sunday. It was a blast! We climbed for almost 3 hours and I would have stayed longer but Krista was hungry.

Next time, progress on the sweater (maybe a finished one!) and what my next project will be!

Tonight's Workout: Hill Training -- I have to run up a hill 6 times at three different speeds -- slow, medium and fast. It gets painful, real fast but it makes me faster!
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