Monday, September 22, 2003

I think I just wasted an entire weekend. All in all it was a good one but in terms of accomplishing anything, I didn't.

I had a dinner party at the Mansion on Friday night which was great fun but now I have tons of leftover food! Yikes! Lots of eating to be done.

Saturday I awoke and did an 8 mile run with my ChuckIt group. It was a fantastic run. I did get a strange foot cramp right after I stopped running. I'm not sure how to explain that but I think I've finally massaged it out. It was deep in the arch of my foot and I'm sure I looked funny hobbling to my car after the run.

I ran some errands and had a quick shower before meeting Krista for some climbing. After that I went to my brother's house to pick up my Mother. She took me to lunch but then tortured me with shopping for fingertip towels. I think we spent over any hour in Bed, Bath & Beyond looking at fingertip towels. It was hard work.

After that I met up with some friends for the Fremont Oktoberfest. I ordered the Jackson 5 special which was an entry fee plus 10 tastes. Let's just say, the 10 tastes were more than plenty for me.

On Sunday, Krista and I headed down to Black Diamond Olympic Tri to watch Stephanie. It turned into an entire day event which in a way peeved Krista and I. We had entertained thoughts of doing other stuff in the afternoon. It was super fun to cheer for Stephanie though. I have never yelled so loud in my life!

I then had Stephanie over so she could do some laundry at the mansion. Nothing smells worse than day-old triathlon clothing!

I also knitted up so baby booties for my running coach. His wife is having a baby on Wednesday (planned C-section).

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