Monday, September 15, 2003
Return from Bike Camp

I went away to Bike Camp this weekend and re-united with my inner child. I left work early on Friday afternoon and headed up to Anacortes with a friend. We barely made the 6:45 p.m. ferry and save some $$ on our ferry ticket due to a really nice lady in line. She had an extra ticket and shared it with us.

Once we arrived on Orcas Island, we loaded up on the Camp Orkila bus. There were loads of children getting on the bus for a parent/child weekend. I told one little guy that I was going to camp and he said, "Me Too!" Then he told me all about his camp plans. We were both very excited about camp.

When we arrived at camp, it was a bit dark and the open-air cabins were not really up to my sleeping standards. I snuggled into my sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep though. I did awake quite a bit due to the hard sleeping surface and all the nature noises. Luckily we didn't have any of the raccoon visitors other cabins encountered.

Morning arrived with the promise of pancakes and coffee. Diana and I made sure to fuel up before heading off to our respective classes. I took basic bike maintance and she took Kayaking. We both had fun and met up with Sara and Wendy for lunch. After lunch, Sara and I headed off with a bike group for an "Island jaunt". We quickly found out that

Orcas Island is the hilliest island in the San Juan Islands. I think of the 30 miles we rode, about 25 were hills. It was beautiful though and I did snag quite a few photos.

We arrived back in time for dinner and then attended a sport nutrition class. It was very interesting. Sunday morning arrived bright and early with eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. I then took Advanced Bike Maintance and learned so much. I feel much more confident about working with my bike now. Diana, Sara, Wendy and I then caught the Noon ferry home.

I didn't get much knitting in this weekend since I didn't want to get my yarn dirty and there wasn't a comfortable place to sit. I did work on my sock in the car and it's coming along. The yarn is Regia and it's color is called Mottle Rainbow (#5033). It's a joy to work with so far.
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