Tuesday, August 08, 2006
TKGA Master Knitting

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I'm lost in the weeds of the TKGA Master Knitting program. I have become obsessed with knitting swatch #1 in as many different kinds of yarn as possible. I have finally settled on one of the first yarns -- Cascade 220 -- as the yarn I will use for this project.

Last night I hopped on down to the Feral Knitters to show off my swatches and learned that Norma completed Level 1 in only 6 weeks! I'm impressed! I know that I'll be taking longer than Norma but she did provide me with some great insight.

Tonight I plan to tackle swatch #2 without any fear!

The knee is slowly healing and even though it is hard for me, I am taking it easy. My workout for this evening is to go home, sit outside and knit while the dogs run around. Yes, I know it will be tough one but if I watch "Workout" on Bravo then it will be a well-rounded workout.

I'm hoping to be able to swim by tomorrow and it is looking possible. I even found some great waterproof bandages to protect my wound (which is now scabbed over and I've just provided WAY too much information) from the water and the water from the wound. Thanks for all your advice and comments. I am feeling a bit whiney but hey I really smacked myself hard on the sidewalk!
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